Necessary Noise

From the Wall Street Journal via GigaOm via Lifehacker via Zite, a study showing distractions like moderate ambient cafe noise may actually stimulate creativity. I think I can vouch for that. This particular post isn’t looking very creative at the moment, but I am tapping away at a cafe as I often do, trying to fight off formidable sleepiness as well.

As an emergent phenomenon, the chatter may have a certain rhythm and randomness that nature or individuals can’t provide; A news/mood barometer you can tap into to get a feel for a sensibility of the current cross-section of society; Comforting in how it makes you feel more connected and human than being alone; Intelligent but ignorable because of its own multitude. Maybe because you can’t focus in on any one conversation, it helps you channel things out. Speech as its own silencer.

I think I should get up and take a walk so I can wake to write another paragraph. Otherwise I may drop off and find myself deleting something or dropping the phone and scrambling like a fool to catch it. The chatter’s gone now anyway.

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