Hearing Aid

I’m tickled Costa Rican brown that there’s more corroboration for the idea that moderate ambient coffee shop noise can be good for creativity. Better than silence, make no mistake. I wrote just one year ago about it here, and make use of the phenomenon nearly daily. It’s quite fascinating.

Boing Boing, in fact, reports on a new web service providing recorded cafe chatter, along with your own music, in the background as you work on your computer or mobile device. Similar to an idea I’ve had, it’s called Coffitivity. Coffitivity.com also happens to be just the kind of domain name I’ve been snapping up especially recently (read: they tapped into my mind), and quite similar to one I just let lapse. Boing Boing introduces it with a reference to a study demonstrating the inspirational influence of random coffee clatter. I wish I could see more than just the preview, but I don’t have 14 dollars to spend on that. On three or four mellow cafe excursions, now that’s different.

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