Torizara, S’il Vous Plait

Today a look at a French restaurant that’s gotten quite a following as a stylish lunch venue in Tajimi: Cherlan, in the same general area between routes 19 and 248 that encompasses Grandir, Chez Shibata, Hanagyuu yakiniku, Denny’s, and Marino Italian restaurant.


Cherlan’s mission is to make authentic French dining more accessible and casual than most people’s image. More like the shared style you find at izakaya drinking restaurants, but indisputably French. There are in fact more counter seats than table seats, though it didn’t strike me that way.


Lunches range from the ¥1550 pasta course to the ¥1900 entrée course, to a ¥2500 combination for those with waistline impunity/indifference. Delectable dessert included. Pictured here is an appetizer combination I’ve since forgotten (but it was good). Service did take a while. The bathrooms were very clean and stylish.


Reservations aren’t required, but it does fill up fast, starting at 11:30. Also open for dinner from 6 to 10 (last call 9:00). Closed Wednesdays and the third Tuesday. The location is just behind Chez Shibata.

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