Going Solo at Covo Comodo

Today a look at a popular Italian restaurant in the same vein and area as two others I’ve blogged about, Io and Hoshizumi Pasta.


This is Covo Comodo, located in the same building as Io. Similarly a great place to go if you’re willing to spend a little more than normal for lunch in a nice atmosphere (I think Io is the highest-priced in the neighborhood, with corresponding quality).


They have an original healthy menu, with some pizza or pasta sets limited to a certain number of customers. I’ve had pizza both times I’ve gone. I went one more time four or five years ago, but it seems like it was a French restaurant then.


When I went last week, I was leery of being a nuisance, as there aren’t many tables, and I was by myself. There’s often a considerable wait. Oddly enough, I was the second of three single customers, besides other parties that lingered very long, and still there was always at least one table open. This during peak hours. The staff seemed to be sweating it out, dreading having to turn a large party away, all through. Something of a lunch-hour twilight zone, dancing in the dragon’s jaws as it were. Anyway, going alone seems to be okay.


Above, a badly exposed food action shot, as seems to be my inexplicable irresistible wont with immovable edibles. I’m lousy at foodpics with iPhone 5 Like a child with other ideas, the pâte wouldn’t patiently sit still for a portrait.

The lunch sets all include dessert, which is long on both looks and taste. Mine was ¥1350.


P.S.: If you get the right table, look for the heart on the shelf. Looks Like a good place to carve some initials.


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