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This is a blog designed firstly for smartphone/cellphone viewing, based in Tajimi, Gifu, Japan.  It’s meant to give non-Japanese in the area (though readers abroad may find it interesting) a little daily idle banter to check out in English, and perhaps make some aspects of life here more accessible.  As such, the English is straight-on native, the content often blithely citing trivial bits of Americana.  I spend a lot of time and energy attuning my English to the needs of Japanese speakers, but, apologies, at Tajimi.mobi’s request this is one place where I won’t really do that, though I will try to use international English and provide background links for some cultural references.  But I do hope anyone who comes can enjoy it.  It may range from the moderately informative to the innocuous to the inane, but it’s there rolled up on your digital doorstep to at least line the bird cage, pack your breakable Oribe-ware for sending, or to swat a pesky mosquito, or shim an uneven leg of the kitchen table. Please be aware there are a few posts with intentional typos.

For best results, set your browser to automatically load images and navigate directly to http://tajimi.mobi/blog/eng.  While it is becoming less of an issue, image sizes are reduced to keep packet sizes down for mobile users with limited plans.  In keeping with the theme, most photos are taken on a mobile/smartphone, with the associated limitations. Text is likewise often tapped on a tiny touchscreen, sometimes impairing my ability to get out what I might want in the time I have.

Tags are based on actual content relevance, not on presence or absence of keywords referred to by tags themselves.  For keyword searches, please use the “search” function at the top of the mobile page.  Your comments and suggestions for stories are welcome.  Please email us regarding any questions or problems viewing the site.

Opinions expressed are not necessarily those of Tajimi.mobi or even the writer.  Really.  The writing (and reading)’s the thing.

Tajimi.mobi – The hottest site in your hand from the hottest city in Japan!

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