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Varied Chinese Menu and Free Coffee Too

Here’s today’s lunch special at Chinatown restaurant in Toki near Toki General Hospital. Sweet & sour pork (other choices were Torimayo and stir-fried crab & egg) with miso soup, salad, deep-fried battered squash slice, rice and fruit was ¥580. An extra ¥100 gets you ramen. Every lunch includes a free self-serve cup of coffee. Sorry for the blur. The food sometimes just won’t sit still.


This is another spot that won’t win points for style, but is yummy for the tummy. There are quite a few items you only see here, and they serve some dishes limited to certain seasons. Their gyoza is a standout.

Yappari, Tonkotsu Ramen

Here’s yesterday’s lunch: Tonkotsu pork-bone broth ramen, a local favorite, and chahan stir-fried rice, with salad and melon, for ¥680 at Kouyou authentic Chinese restaurant in Sakauecho, Tajimi.

Seeing the flower shop across the street from Kouyou reminded me Mother’s Day is coming up, May 8th I believe.  Don’t put it off!

It never ceases to amuse me that Japanese are under the explicit impression that Mother’s Day is a Japanese invention.  No, but the carnations certainly are.