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Ramen Run

For lunch today a few of us went for ramen to RaiRaiTei in Tajimi, between Valor and Aoki Men’s Shop.  It was my first time to eat at this chain, and my chaashuu ramen was very tasty.  You have many choices as to the hardness of the noodles, the amount of soy sauce in the soup, the volume of scallions (I’ve always thought negi here was halfway in diameter between American leeks and green onions or scallions, so might better be called Japanese green onions based on how they’re used), etc..  I just chose “regular everything.”

Others had the regular ramen, which they said was good, and gyoza.  All reasonably priced.  The energetic staff was happy to let us change our order slightly when we needed to.  The restaurant is non-smoking till 2 o’clock.

Here’s a deal:  They give out seals with each purchase.  When you collect enough, you get a free month’s worth of all-you-can-eat!