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Lots to Do

In case you’ve lost track, the weekend has an impressive lineup of events including:

  • The first of three live music Saturday beergardens tomorrow evening at the Sakazuki Art Museum in Ichinokura
  • A “machikon” beergarden atop a two-storey public parking lot in Tajimi to view the fireworks there on Sunday
  • A similar konkatsu (mixer) type affair at Secret Time Cafe on Saturday, where if you bring a date, there’ll be a special chance to enjoy Toki’s fireworks festival (not sure if it’s in their parking lot, but that would definitely be a nice spot); by reservation only. They’re still looking for takers last I heard
  • Something called Kokeizan Dining on Sunday, which sounds like a beergarden from one of Tajimi’s most scenic spots (advance purchase tickets required)
  • Neu Cafe, while itself closed after lunch Sunday, will be offering outside the shop draft beer, Okinawan food, curry, tandoori chicken sandwiches and more in the buildup to the fireworks
  • And of course Toki’s (Saturday) and Tajimi’s (Sunday) fireworks festivals with stalls set up all along the river (and Chuo Dori in Toki; Nagase Dori in Tajimi) all afternoon and evening; Tajimi’s festival is part of its Gozasse Natsu Matsuri


These are just goings on I happen to be aware of. I’m sure there are plenty of others as well.

Somewhere Under the Rainbow

A scene from the live jazz beer garden this year at the Sakazuki Art Museum in Ichinokura, framed by umbrellas hanging on tent poles. From left to right in the distance, that’s a sax, stand-up bass, keyboards and guitar. Clear enough to me, but then again I was there. Never forget the end user, yeah?


Intermittent rain couldn’t dampen spirits, as cups of beer and sake were raised and good cheer grew by candlelight in this annual garden of rhythm and cool, just minutes south of daily care and strife, right off route routine.

Unique, Timeless Luxury in the Middle of the City

In the Garden of the Senses, Or Best Plan B Ever

The sunset last night at Tokugawaen in Nagoya.


I had dinner at the Tokugawaen Garden Restaurant. A beautiful place, with the finest French cuisine, to say the very least. Set in the middle of this historic cultural treasure, itself nestled in the center of the 26th largest metropolitan area in the world, it offers a peerless hâute cuisine dining adventure amid stunning views of nature, history, traditional Japanese aesthetics, and modernity all at once.

I had the Ryuusen course. I’ll search around to try to get you the menu, but suffice it to say there were taste/texture/temperature sensations I’ve never experienced before, indeed could never have imagined. The course was ¥7000, not including drinks. There are two other courses, Kokumon (¥9500), and the Chef’s Special (¥13,000).

Tokugawaen also has a separate beer garden named Sozansou, which it was my original plan to go to, but it wasn’t running last night. That’s ¥3800.

More on the Biergarten

Here’s a quick look at some details of the Ichinokura Beer Garden at the Sakuzuki Art Museum.


Apologies for the photo. The blue spot in the center is a “known issue” artifact resulting from a combination of fluourescent lighting and certain iPhone iOS versions, including mine.