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Passed It By? Don’t Be Sorry, Try This Nepali

Hot (or mild) on the heels of Upahar, and just as an 81-year old Nepali is set to overtake an 80-year old Japanese climber’s week-old Everest ascent record, there’s another recent addition to the list of area Indian restaurants that deserves more attention than it’s getting, and that’s Makalu Indian/Nepali Restaurant in Toki.


Starting its fourth month, Makalu is still looking for a little love from area eater-outers. On route 421 between Toki City Hall/Culture Plaza and Toki Ohhashi bridge, the location seems good enough, though actually getting in and out can be a bit puzzling depending on where you’re coming from and going to. The one sure entrance is from route 421. It’s quite visible as it sits in one corner of a relatively busy intersection (with small (not main) route 19) opposite a Circle K and a Shell station.


The dining area is spacious and clean, with regular tables, tatami-style seating, and counter seats, and a quality flexible varied music stream. There are numerous menu plans, and the chicken curry I had was fine. According to the friendly owner, the customers who do come tend to be regulars, so it seems to be a case of lack of awareness, or maybe just timidity. He used to work at the Nepali restaurant on route 19 in Mizunami, which has long been very popular with foreigners.

If you like Indian, give this place a try. It sounded like the owner is in wait-and-see mode, and it’d be a shame to lose it so quickly. Lunch is from 11 to 3, dinner 5-10:30. Smoking allowed all hours. Takeout available, also. More info as well as coupons can be found in the June issues of both Raseru and Chat shopper’s guide magazines.