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Not a Player

Fate led me to pachinko last weekend. Nothing else was going to, that’s for sure.

Parlor Games

I was asked to appear Sunday on FM Pipi’s (76.3 mHz) weekly live broadcast from Zent pachinko center, to talk a bit about the business I work for. It’s a segment of the Sunday show that introduces local businesses to listeners.

Driving into the sprawling new complex at the corner of routes 19 and 248, I was struck, though I was already well aware of it, by what I have to say is the questionable use of human potential and money represented by the vast tonnage of cars parked and stacked outside.

On entering the building, the indescribable (like all sounds ever made blasted at once, or maybe something Mephistopheles would have on his mp3 player?) arcade cacophony followed me into the multi-purpose studio, though apparently not across the airwaves.

Regarding another reason I’ve avoided the parlors since trying one at someone’s insistence decades ago, I actually noticed a “smoking area,” which makes me think, goodness forbid, smoking may actually be banned?

After the show, the boss and I (it was a joint appearance) had lunch at the Nagoya-based Sugakiya ramen outlet in the building (smoking allowed there), which also has its own Circle K convenience store and (how convenient) ATMs. Sugakiya also has branches at Valor supermarkets. This bowl was ¥580 and not as burdensomely filling as a lot of ramen. I thought the photo deserved its own memery (my word, “memery,” as far as I know, though I wouldn’t be surpised if someone else long ere planted a flag there).


Something From Nothing

And another excuse to slap block letters on an otherwise inferior foodie photo and call it macaroni: These “tofu donuts” sold at Sun Mall supermarket in Toki were pretty darn good. The words basically refer to leaving only the center of an image in focus to draw attention there.


Just An Old-Fashioned Love Song

Word has gotten around that Mister Donut donuts are ¥100 today. Urgent news like that deserves all the bandwidth/forwarding/liking it can get, so without further fudging, frosting or filling, herewith I submit my belated bop of the bouncing-around beach ball of deep-fried diglyceride decadence. Get thee to a Misudo (in Tajimi, now only at the Valor near Tenko No Yu hot springs), and splurge on a baker’s dozen right this minute. Indulge yourself.

Sometimes such simple things, like a soul-soothing hisashiburi ni time spent with some people you care about last weekend over plain old Big Macs and fries, can make a world of difference in this crazy mixed-up woild. Be the fries French or American (Sorry, Louis, beautiful friendships and true valor aside, as far as potato picking, it seems the latter is an inalienable if not self-evident fact, according to Saturday’s conversation), vive la difference. (Sorry, I don’t expect anyone to understand the obscure references here. Indulge me). Anyway, whatever else may happen, we’ll always have last Saturday at McD’s. Here’s looking at you, kid.

MosBurger Caters to Japanese Tastes

I went to MosBurger in Tajimi near Valor yesterday.  They had a burger I guess they’ve been advertising, so I gave it a try.  It was the Salt & Butter Chicken Burger.

The buns, now that I think about it, may have been a bit special, though I can’t recall how they might have been.  Between them, loosely clumped lengthwise-cut hash browns were stacked atop a grilled chicken breast with a slight lemony kick by way of a glaze, and seasoned with black pepper and other spices.  Somewhere, perhaps in the potato semi-patty, I thought I sensed the taste and texture of fried, breaded onions.  And it wouldn’t be a Mos sandwich without the pocket-like paper wrapper to catch all of the overflow, most of which got on my hands, as usual.  I just have a special skill for coaxing food onto places where it doesn’t belong.  Somehow, my clothes escaped food-free this time.  I’m sure I’ll make up for it next time, though I only seem to get to MosBurger a couple of times a year, despite its reputation for putting out healthier offerings than other fast-food outlets.

They do have jazz playing on the speakers, which is nice, although I always have mixed feelings about that in a place like this.  As a jazz lover, I like having it there, but to a certain extent it’s cheapened and can become too much like wallpaper in people’s minds.  I won’t say Muzak because that’s a widely misunderstood and misused term, as to a lesser extent is “elevator music.”  I may talk about those another time.  “Autumn in New York” was playing a little behind the seasons as I began to chow down.  The sandwich itself was okay, although many of these chicken creations tend to have similar tastes.  I had it a la carte for ¥360, along with the regular chili-topped MosBurger for ¥320 and free ice water.  The main section of the store is ostensibly sealed off from the self-contained smoking room, but the swinging doors tend to stick slightly ajar, allowing the smell to travel.  My parking spot right outside the restaurant allowed me to do a little shopping at Valor afterward without moving the car.